I have just spent twenty minutes deleting a few of the hundreds of blog comments that are posted to his blog by trolls or spammers or ahetever they are called. It is so frustrating and there seems no way to block them.

So I hope you'll bear with me and ignore, if you can, the menaingless and annoying comments...they seem to reappear as fast as I hit DELETE.


It is a gorgeous fall day in Maine and on Monday Howard and I will head off by car to Quebec, where we'll spend the follwing few days exploriing and walking and, oh dear, probably eating too much.

I am taking a lot of work with me in my head, though not on my computer, which will remain at home.  Currently I am putting together something that I hope will eventually be a collaboration with a very fine illustrator (remaining nameless at the moment), and also the beginnings of a play which will be a collaboration with a for-now nameless theater director, as well as a ...enough. I'm not going to talk about any of the rest of it. But my brain is very busy.

Irma slammed into our place in Naples, Florida and did some damage but nothing that can't be fixed. We were luckier than so many people. I think of the house I once rented with friends on the island of St. John...it is likely gone. So much is gone, so many people in such distress. And yet human resliance is quite amazing, as is the human capacity for helping one another.

A granddaughter has begun graduate shool this fall. A grandson has begun college. Another grandson has just today climbed Mt. Washington with his wife. And yet one more grandson has started his junior year in high school. Me, I have started my ninth decade! Is that right? Having just turned 80? I'm no good at figuring out those things. My days for mountain climbing are past. But my zest for life remains and my brain is intact so far, and I still weep at the state of the world and laugh at my dog's tail-wag and marvel at the power of words to affect our lives.

Let us carry on!  Trolls or not. Ignore the comments!