Every year this happens: Fall comes too soon. Here in Maine of course, Fall is spectacular. But still, it means another summer has come to an end.

I have never gotten the calendar on this website to work properly so I have not been able to post the dates of speaking engagements (which, incidentally, are fewer each year as I get older..80!.. and find travelling a little more arduous) 

Nonetheless, here is what is coming up:

York County (Maine) Community College on October 7th.

Fort Myers, Florida (performances of THE GIVER at Florida Rep) Nov 5-6.

November 10th, 8 PM: Albany: "The Creative Life"  The Creative Life Series  Official description:
Created and produced by the New York State Writers Institute, University Art Museum, and UAlbany Performing Arts Center in collaboration with WAMC Northeast Public Radio, this series features leading figures from a variety of artistic disciplines in conversation with WAMC’s “Roundtable” host Joe Donahue about their creative inspiration, craft, and careers.  

Then to St. Louis for the NCTE convention in mid-November.

In October Howard and I will spend seventeen days in Portugal and Spain. So when summer ends it certainly doesn't mean that I go into hibernation and hole up for the winter. But oh, I will miss my gardens.

I've been talkling a lot to Sean Astin recently.  For some years he has been trying unsuccessfully to get the movie of "Number the Stars" made. It rmeinds me of the twenty...or maybe it was just 18?...years that Jeff Bridges tried to put together a film of THE GIVER.  Same with Sean; one dead end and disappointment after another.  But recently when he was speaking at a regional Comic Con convention and mentioned the Number the Stars project he got such a rousing response from the 1000-person audience that now he is investigating the possibiilty of some sort of crowdfunding that could make the movie possible.  If you go to his Facebook page (or mine in fact) you can see a video of him talking about it and his passion and itelligence will be quite clear.

In the meantime I have heard that the town of Gillileje, in Denmark...part of the book...is planning a museum commemorating the events of 1943 whihc are depicted in the book..

In these sad times when hatred has sadly become so pervasive, it seems appropriate to honor that moment in history when people rose up with integrity.  Go, Sean!