I realize I have not posted a blog entry for a month. Time has gotten away from me yet again, and in the past month I have been to Tucson (Tucson Book Festival...fabulous) and to Charlottesville (Virginia Festival of the Book...also fabulous), to Cambridge, MA twice (dentist. And again dentist. Not so fabulous) and now am headed off again...New York this week, just for a day, to peek in at the work on The Giver movie; then Salt Lake City, where everyone in the county has been reading The Giver (and I'll be able to show them a brief clip); and after SLC I head to Germany, to see my daughter in law and granddaughter for the first time in almost a year.

It begins to look as if spring MIGHT come after all, putting an end to this worse-than-horrible winter.  The snow in my yard is almost melted..just patches left in the shady places. (And at the farm....a mountain still in the driveway, where it was piled probably 15 feet high. There was more snow there....it is in ski country....and it was colder)

Here is a picture from CHarlottesville of me with author Kathryn Erskine. It is always one of the things I enjoy most about such festivals...the chance to see old friends (in Tucson it was Janet Tashjian and Alice Hoffman) and to make new ones, as with Kathy here, whom I had not met before.



Confession: in my spare time (spare time???!!  Yes. in the evenings, when a busy day is past and I am a human vegetable) I watch TV and from time to time have become addicted to series like HOMELAND, or EPISODES.  Recently, flipping around the channels, I noticed that HBO was showing all of GAME OF THRONES...and I went to the beginning, Season 1, Episode 1, to see what all the buzz was about.  And guess what...new addicition.  I am now up to Season 2, Episode 3, so I have a way to go before I catch up...Season 4 is about to begin.  I had avoided it all this long time because what I'd seen bits of...dragons and dwarves and Medieval brutality...didn't appeal. But okay, I was wrong. The characterizations are brilliant, the complex plot very cleverly put together, the costumes and set design...breathtaking. EVery now and then I catch what seems like an anachronism in the dialogue...not long ago a character said, "I could care less"...and I was startled until I realized such things are intentional; they add a wry humor.

The post-production work on the movie continues, and this summer will be a lot of promotion—I think Jeff Bridges will join me in Las Vegas at the ALA convention in late June. Then it will open on August 15th and we can all go back to our real lives. I have a busy fall schedule—earning more frequent flier miles—and a nice vacation planned (Kauai)—thereby spending frequent flier miles—with a friend in January.

The first two Aanstasia books...published back in 1979 and probably 1981...are to be reissued this year with new jackets and some very minor changes (Anastasia can no longer have a sip of her father's beer!) and it will be fun to see if they create a whole new generation of fans (if so, the remaining ones will be redone as well, and I may write a new one)

Raining today. For a change, what is falling from the sky is not snow!