Here I am with a bunch of glitzy guys: Kadir Nelson, John Green, Walter Dean Myers, and Chris Colfer (from "Glee") at the BEA convention...we all spoke at the Children's Book and Author Breakfast, such a nice occasion. One had the feeing that all 1100 poeple in the audience were soulmates.

And here I am a couple of weeks earlier, with Jan Coates, of the Mount Desert Island Readers and Writers Project.  Tough to get to the island...a 9-passenger plane; I wouldn't want to go in fog or stormy weather. But worth the trip!  A whole lot of seventh graders had been reading and studyng THE GIVER; it was great to be with them, and with Jan and all the others who work so hard.


Now I am back in Maine, by myself, after a nice weekend with two friends here, and about to start work on a new Gooney Bird book...the sixth. After lots of rain th lawns and gardne are green and lush...everything looks so beautiful.  And tomorrow I will visit the book club of the local middle school.  Maybe I'llhave some new photos to post if the kids don't mind going public.