DA: And so, Ms. Lowry, it appears that at some time in the distant past, you bought two pounds of cornmeal.

LL: Yessir.

DA: And that, at a later time, in fact during a later year, you bought another two pounds of cornmeal, even though you had never opened the first?

LL: Uh, yes.

DA: And then, last year, a third two pounds?

LL: I guess so. But—

DA: And quite recently, it appears, at Trader Joe's, a box of cornbread mix? Why was that?

LL: (mumbles) Impulse item.


DA: I see. And now, turning to the raisins. .  .and golden raisins . . . and currents . . . and, what is this? Jumbo raisins? . . .

LL: (brightens): Indian pudding! I was going to make Indian pudding!


DA (sarcastically): Or perhaps rice pudding? Because I'm looking at the rice now. Is there a difference between Arborio rice, Sushi rice, brown rice, wild rice. . . 

LL: (begins to weep)

Judge: Let's take a short recess so that the witness can compose herself.