I am writing this from Antiqua, Guatemala, which is a lovely ancient small city, (a World Heritage Site, so that nothing can be changed or spoiled), where I have been staying with three women friends. Yesterday I met an American woman who has lived here for 39 years. It is easy to see why.....especially when one is contributing to the world, as she is. She has 500 Mayan women, all of them widows,  from 25 highland villages, weaving for her shop. Me,  I bought a bedspread from her. I did not need a bedspread. It will probably be overly bright-colored for my bedroom. But what the heck. She is doing important work, and the weaving is beautifuland I liked her and what she does.

This morning we head on from here to Lake Atitlan, which my friend Kay, who has been there before, says is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

There is a lot of competition for that title, in my observation.