I just discovered that if you click on the teensy photo, you can see if full-size. Try it! Click on that one where the helicopter (me in it) is but a dot in the sky, and wow! You can really see it.

Stan Foote, the theater director from Oregon who was with me for three days last week so that we could do the neceassry prelimary discussing before we collaborate on an adaptation of GOSSAMER to the stage, said he had never seen a wild turkey. I told him that he certainly would see one while he was with me in Maine because they are always out there pecking around where food has spilled from the bird feeders. Last summer I once counted 22 of them on my lawn.

But no. Not a one appeared while Stan was there, and he told me he was quite certain I had made the whole thing up.

Of course the day after he left, I looked out the window and...voila. So I took a picture.

I emailed him the photo.

His reply was one word. STUFFED.