I'm sorry my computer can't insert Czech accent marks because then the words ""Dobry den" would look more interesting..and less pronouncable. It means only "Good day."

We have been in Vienna for three days and are now on our third day in Prague, leaving here tomorrow for Czechy Krumlov. Both Vienna and Prague are beauitful and interesting cities but I found Vienna much easier to deal with, mostly becuase things are in German, which...though I don't speak fairly easy to translate, and when you order wienerschnitzel you know what you are getting. Czech is a much more diffiuclt and alien language, with nothing familiar; and when just today we went the wrong way on a subway, we had to go through stops called Hradcanska, Malostranska, get the order to backtrack and get our bearings once again.

I've attached a couple of photos from a small lane in a Prague residential area, one of a dog being greeted through a window. Dogs are everywhere, and amazingly rarely on leashes but remarkably well-behaved (could it be a leftover from the repressive Communist regime? You VILL valk nicely?)

Children are the same everywhere, not nearly so well-behaved, and I love seeing them sulk in other languages, assuming an attitude and saying "Nein" or "Ne" is a defiant voice to a tired and frustrated grandma.

My feet hurt, and I am about to take a nap before setting out again this evening, down Stepanska to Vaclavske Namesti, and with luck we will find our way to a concert.