This photo was taken yesterday morning in a kindergarten in Slavonice, Bohemia (I left there shortly theraafter and am now in Bratislava, Slovakia) and serves as a reminder that children the world over are much the same. Here is a little group of 5 year olds, and you can pick out the Show-off, the Shy One, the Bored One, the Bully, the Prankster. They could have been my grandson's kindergarten class (or my own, at Berkeley Institute, Brooklyn, NY, 1942)

Many of the little boys were named Jakob, I noticed.

School begins at 6:15 AM for those children who need to be there that early. (Others arrive at 7:30 or so) This room was decorated in an under-the-sea motif, but I got to peek at the Meadow Room as well, and downstairs, for smaller children (they can start at 3 years old, though school is not compulsory till age 6) was the Farm.

Now I am using yet one more kind of money, after Euros in Vienna, Czech crowns in the Czech I am just calling them kumquats or cornflakes, or whatever word comes to mind; and I have quit trying to figure out how many of them make a dollar. It cost me 450 cupcakes to go to a concert this evening. And worth every crumb.