Good morning! I am leaving today to drive to Connecticut to attend the annual CEMA convention in order to speak to the Connecticut school librarians tomorrow. But this every morning...I was going through the website e-mail and encountered, again, a too-frequent problem: that of spam filters that prevent my reply going through. PLEASE...If you e-mail me (which you can easily do by clicking on the "e-mail me" on the website) and if you want a reply, put my address on your list of approved e-mailers. Otherwise, I write a reply and it bounces back to me and it is a lot of wasted time and effort. With 50-60 e-mails arriving every day, I can't take the time to fill out the forms that such filters ask for. I hate disappointing people who email me, but if my reply is filtered out and bounced back, I am not going to go through the hoops and make a second try.