Thank you, Genina, for your comment about THE GIVER.

Here is a decision that I've just made; I am not any longer going to "publish" comments to the blog. You can send them, and I will read them, and if anyone brings up something of general interest that they would like me to discuss, I will do so.

But a reader has very kindly brought to my attention that when a comment is published, anyone can email that person by clicking on their signature. I don't want to provide easy email access to kids from strangers. How many creeps and pedophiles are out there reading a writer's blog? Probably few, maybe none. But one would be too many.

So: please still write me, if you wish. But that comment will remain private between me and you.


It is VERY cold in Massachusetts today, and in a lot of other places as well. A good day to stay in and work, or to avoid work, and I'm good at that (today I changed sheets, cleaned out the cipboards under the sink and in all the bathrooms, etc. etc.) I do, however THINK when I am puttering about and practicing avoidance. Today I have been thinking about revisions to the stage adaptation of GOSSAMER because I have just received the notes from the theater director who commissioned the work.

Revision is a very good thing, and a necessary one, and it is particularly good to go at it after some time has passed from the first writing, and with astute comments from objective but intelligent people. This is true of books, always; and similarly of this play.

The thing that makes it hard for a writer is our tendency to fall in love with certain aspects of what we've written....even when it is a bad romance. The break-up is painful. Stan, the theater director, suggests deleting the first scene. On reflection, I can see why. Trouble is, I love the first scene. So: what to do? Well, try deleting it, of course, but retain some of the things I them in farther along. End the love affair but stay friends.

And then it becomes fun...trying to do that. And seeing how it might work. Might be better, in fact.