As I've explained, I am no longer publishing comments from readers because of the ease with which it makes those readers' email addresses available to the public. But I can copy reader's comments into my own text when it seems they may be of interest. This reader from Canada is referring to book challenges and the fact that I pointed out no such challenges - at least against my books - have been brought in other countries. I think I was mainly referring to THE GIVER, so frequently challenged in the USA, but not in the 22 other countries where it is published.

from Francis, in Canada:

Dear Ms. Lowry;

The explanation you offer for the absence of controversy in other countries is a possible one. But since you so open-mindedly admit there are other possibilities, will you let me suggest one?

Well, it so happens that in very few countries are citizens so lucky as in the US to have a say in public matters, even if this tends to be less and less true. So, just as "the Committee" never changes anything in The Giver, we have "Committees" in Canada that prevent anything to change. So, one finally comes to the conclusion that resistance is futile.

So, I would definitely stand up for your books to be read in the shool of my kids; but since they are unheard of by the establishment, I have no hope them making it to the syllabus.

Absence of controversy may mean a de-facto absence of a right to petition.