You can listen to a short interview, me and Roger Sutton of The Horn Book, talking about books-into-film, by going to

I had the conversation with Roger some time ago and it's ironic that it's now available because just this afternoon I was talking on the phone to the producer of movie-to-be "The Giver." No special news there—these things move slowly—but I'm appreciative that they stay in touch.

One of the things I mentioned in the interview was the film of "To Kill a Mockingbird" recollection was that it was true to, and as good as, the book. By chance, though, I just happened to read, while returning from New York yesterday, a biography of Harper Lee; and it told me that the film, actually, was not terribly true to the book, something I didn't kmow or had forgotten. Gregory Peck wanted his role made larger and more important than the story of the children—and of coursethe book was really a coming-of-age story—so to comply with his wishes (and to attract an adult audience) it became much more about Atticus Finch than the book had, in fact, been. Nonetheless I remember the two separate things as a wonderful book and an equally wonderful movie.

I was in New York (after being in Eugene, Oregon) to speak at the NYPL's annual "Book Fest"...a lovely gathering (in a specatacular room at the NYPL) of mostly librarians and teachers: an interested and interesting audience, nice people to be with. And a good lunch!

As Roger Sutton's interview points out, I am a movie nut; and after the event at the NYPL, I went up to 68th street to see "Michael Clayton...only to find it sold out. Well, it's good that people are going—apparently in droves—to movies. And also good that, though I missed my movie, I was very near the huge Barnes and Noble where I could go have tea and goodies and browse...until time to meet friends for dinner and to watch the Red Sox game.

But we will not talk about that Red Sox game.

Here's Alfie with a Halloween toy sent to him by my/his friends Howard and Joanna Maclay in Illinois:


And here I am at the library on Saturday.