Recently I posted information and a photo of the young boy who has succeeded in bring a library into being in his library-less town in New Hampshire. The library will probably open at New Years. I've had several inquiries from readers who are I donating books; so I have written to RJ, age 14, to ask him how we can do that, and I'll post the information here when I have it. Thank you all for wanting to support this kid and his wonderful project. If only the world were filled with such youngsters! It does remind us all, though, how energetic, determined, and outstanding some teenagers are.

I'm writing from a hotel lobby in London. The weather here reminds me of the name that Benjamin Moore gave to the color that I had my downstairs rooms in Maine painted: November Rain. A mix of gray and pale green. All of London looks like that, at least today.

My studio in Maine, the room in which I work, is painted Rain Barrel.

Wouldn't you love to be the person who names those paint colors? Maybe for a day, anyway.