I am in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where this morning it is clear and even a little sunny, though they predict a snowstorm starting at noon. This photo is my house in Maine, which my son, Ben...who is there now for a few days of skiing and reading and not-thinking-about-his-law-office... took from his cell phone and emailed me. Isn't it amazing, technology?!!!

We had a steady stream of company in Maine, the last batch three adults and three grandchildren 11, 11, and our final morning there was a sea of laundry, sheets and towels, making a mountain on the laundry room floor. But somehow it all got done, and cars all got packed, and everyone headed off to their regular lives after what had been a nice respite. And I got to watch that final Patriots-Giants game which was SUCH a good one! with four guys: Martin and his two sons and one grandson. (Daughter-in-law opted for reading and eleven year old twin granddaughters were watching a movie in their bedroom) So it was Grandma and the Guys yelling and hooting in the TV room. What a great game.

Now: real life (and okay, the play-offs) and work to be done. I have been neglecting work. Next week I'll fly to Germany for a few days, and between now and then—January 9th—I MUST open up those two folders that I've been neglecting. (It is rare, incidentally, that i am working on two things at once, but somehow it has happened). When I get back to both of them and putter and fiddle around with them, at some point one will take over. Then one folder will be closed for the duration while I concentrate on the other.

Here he is. Man of the hour. Of the YEAR.