Sorry about the blast of light in the lower right hand corner. But this is the second grade of the Meadowbrook School in Weston, Massachusetts, with me in their midst this morning. I no longer visit schools, as a rule, but a Meadowbrook parent bought me at a benefit auction (the benficiary: Reach Out and Read, a very worthy cause) and so I spent this morning with the second and third graders, who are Gooney Bird Greene fans. In fact, if you look closely (click to enlarge) you will see many kids dressed in wild and crazy outfits as Gooney Bird often is.

But the amazing thing is that when I called upon kids in this group, and asked their names, the first four boys replied, "Will." "Will." "Will." "Will."

I was sure they were putting me on and accused them of being, actually, Sam, Max, Henry, and Jeff. But no. It was true. Will. Will. Will. Will.

Anyway, thanks to Meadowbrook, to its librarian Lucia Corwin, and to all those Wills and their classmates and friends. They are good readers and good listeners, and now that I have read them parts of the upcoming (not yet published) Gooney bird book, they will have some new and interesting fashion statements to make.