Here I am at Logan Airport's International terminal, soon to board a flight to Zurich. I'll spend 5-6 hours in Zurich tomorrow, then take a short flight to Luxembourg where my daughter-in-law will pick me up for the one-hour drive to her home in southwest Germany. It will be a too-brief visit, just three days, but a treat as always to be with Margret, her partner J├╝rgen, and Nadine, my 14-year-old granddaughter.

Airline scheduling is responsible for my sitting around the Zurich airport tomorrow...and again on Monday, coming home. But I don't mind, It's an unusually pleasant airport, and gives me uninterrupted, undistracted time; with a laptop I might actually get some work done.

I wish I had with me on this computer the illustrations from my upcoming book "The Willoughbys" because one of characters, a young boy, finds himself stranded in Switzerland, wearing lederhosen. I just today received an advance copy of the upcoming ALA Booklist review of the book, which gives it a star...always a good thing!

I remember many years ago, 1977, when my first book was published, and I was living in a small fishing village in Maine, newly divorced and very poor. The publisher kept calling (this predates email, of course) to announce starred reviews with great delight. I didn't have a clue what they were talking about.

Aha! I just discovered that I DO have some of those illustrations on this computer so will see if I can get that boy into his post. In this scene (you can click to enlarge) he is setting off alone to try to find his long-lost father half a world away.

And now I myself will set off across the world, though I am not wearing a hat stuffed with Swiss francs as he is.Boy_hiking_4