My friend, writer Kathryn Lasky, lives in Cambridge, as I do, and summers in Maine, as I do, but quite a distance from me.  Recently she emailed me a photo of a piece of sculpture made of found objects - created by a sculptor who lives near her in Deer Isle.  Kathy is the author of the owl series: The Guardians of Ga'Hoole (which I may have spelled wrong, Sorry, Kathy) so her owl sculpture is quite appropriate.

Owl sculpture

I am not the author of anything having to do with sheep. But I do love that kind of folk-art stuff; and so I went to the sculptor's website and ended up buying a sheep made from an oil can and some flattened auto parts. When I told Kathy she insisted that i need TWO sheep because ... well, just because. And I obeyed. Or maybe I obaaaa-ed.

So now I have a pair of sheep on their way to me here.

Gas can sheep 003

I was actually up in Kathy's part of Maine, or close to it, over the weekend when I signed books at Left Bank Books in Searsport...a wonderful bookstore  way up the coast.  On the way home, I stopped overnight in Brunswick, Maine, to visit my friend Middy, who illustrates the Gooney Bird Greene books. Middy does not have an owl or a sheep in her garden, but she does have a wonderful garden:

Middys garden Now I am back home after the weekend, and at work on some manuscript revisions (too soon to talk about that book yet) and when i take a break from work at the computer, I am snipping off the over-the-hill peonies, hundreds of them, lining my driveway.  Alfie is sound asleep, having exhausted himself at a kennel over the weekend (How? not a clue. He was just in a pen all by himself)

My brother has an African Gray Parrot. Don't ask me why. Every now and then he sends me Parrot News. The most recent:

Freda (my brother's wife) came home alone after dark one night. As she entered, she heard an unfamiliar man's baritone say  "Who IS it?" twice.
She was terrified. Until Kuzo laughed at her from the bedroom.