Still in Mexico, and very sorry that I don't have with me the gizmo that downloads photos into my laptop and therefore would make it possible to post one or two here. I'll do it when I am back home next week.

At this moment it is early morning. The two women I am here with got up at 5:30 and went off on a 4-mile hike. I wished them well and put my pillow over my head.  Then at 6:15 I got up, intending to go for a (shorter) hike myself; but somehow in those early half-asleep hours I had been struck by some creative thoughts----a way to continue the part of a manuscript I've been working on---and so I schlepped my laptop to a quiet place near wireless access and coffee, and here I am, indoors, not out on the mountain (where, incidentally, a sign warns of mountain lions).

In the meantime,  back in Maine, my well-driller is at work. Yesterday he emailed me that they are down to 200 feet and no water yet. ...but he says "the bedrock looks good"...whatever that means.  In the meantime, a snowstorm has closed them down briefly.

I am going to turn now to my manuscript before the hikers return. Its bedrock looks good, too, I think.