I am now back home from Baja California after a trip delayed by the usual: snowstorms in the Northeast.

On Thursday, while in Mexico, I got an email from my well-driller telling me that they had struck water---100 gallons a minute---at 320 feet. It felt a little like hearing from Daniel Day Lewis in "There Will Be Blood"...the search for oil.  My gusher of water is not as valuable but to me it was veeerrry important and I was getting nervous when they got down to 300 feet and hadn't encountered a gurgle yet.

Here is a bit of what it looked like at the ranch where I was staying:

Ranch #4

Ranch #11

Ranch #12

Ranch #14

Very different from the ice and snow here, but it is good to be back, anyway, at my own desk.  Now I am drilling in my brain hoping to hit a great burst of creativity---100 gallons a minute would be just fine.

I had a comment today to an earlier post from someone who told me:

I was delighted to find this site. I'm one of your older readers, almost 70.  I have been collecting children's books since the early 90's.  My favorite book of yours is AUTUMN STREET.  I've recommended and lent my copy to many people.

...and I was pleased to hear that because AUTUMN STREET is one of my own favorites.  It is not the kind of book that would ever---or has ever---become "popular" but it is dear to me, perhaps because it is largely autobiographical, and the people in it were real, and they were dear to me.

Of all of them, only my brother is still alive. And currently he is not at all dear to me because he sent me a really stupid parrot joke today. It is extremely hard to forgive a parrot joke.