Kids tubing

These are my two grandsons, Sunday, when the sun FINALLY came out and they got to enjoy a day-long excursion on their dad's boat.

The interesting thing (to me) is that this photo was taken the day after they watched a rented movie that we had been a little reluctant to show them.  A lot of adult conversation---and then finally it was decided that okay, as long as we explained in advance that it was very scary but only a movie with special effects. etc.

Then they watched Jaws.

I watched with them, remembering back to 1975 when we were all terrified by it.  Didn't want to go into the ocean afterward. And now?  YAWN.

So what is the difference?  I expect it has to do with movie technology, and special effects, and that children today are somewhat inured to the plastic monster or the mechanized flesh-eater, no matter how well done.

During the weekend the question was asked: If you could live during any time in the past or future, what would you choose?  I gave a vague and humdrum reply: The Renaissance.  Rhys, age 8, said: The beginning of time.  Primordial ooze.

It was beginning to seem like primordial ooze here, with rain every day for three weeks. But things are shifting. May it continue!