Well, I guess the answer to that is pretty much yes. But do I enjoy making the travel arrangements??  Grrrr. I have been sitting at my desk, on my phone, on a very hot day, getting literally hot under the collar. And here's why.

Martin and I planned to fly to Paris Thanksgiving Day. We like traveling on Thanksgiving Day because airplanes and airports are quite empty. Everyone else in the USA is busy cooking and/or eating, and they have already traveled to the place where they plan to cook and/or eat.

So we had a reservation on Air France, Boston-Paris, non-stop, and a hotel reservation in Paris.


But today I got an email message from Expedia,which is what I usually use for reservations, telling me to call them because there had been a change to our itinerary.

I got a woman with a bit of an accent. Lo-eese, she called me, and apparently she had been trained to use the customer's name OFTEN, and also to repeat what the customer says, so that when our interchange began with my identifying myself and saying, "I'm calling to inquire about a change in an existing reservation"...she replied, "I understand, Lo-eese, that you are calling to inquire about a change in your existing reservation."  Sigh. Yes, that is true. "I can very much assist you with that, Lo-eese."  And then, after an interminable wait: "Thank you for waiting, Lo-eese. Your flight to Paris has been changed. It is exactly the same flight but it is not any longer November 26th. It is now November 25th. Are you okay with that, Lo-eese?"

No, actually I am not okay with that. November 25th is a different DAY.  I would like, actually, to get to Paris on the date for which I have a hotel reservation.  Could you find me a different flight, please?

After a lot of "I understand very much that you would like to fly to Paris on November 26th, Lo-eese. Please hold."

Well, I will not continue to bore you with a re-creation of this conversation. For a while it involved her briefly booking me on a flight to Switzerland where I would wait a day before going on to Paris, and then her understanding very much that I did not want to spend a day in Zurich. 

 I guess we are still going to Paris (and from there to Germany to visit my granddaughter) but it is no longer a simple event.  Grrrr.