Alfie sniffing

This is Alfie. And this is the door leading to our garage fro a sort of mudroom off the kitchen.

No, Alfie does not want to go into the garage. But he is smelling something that is underneath the garage, or the mudroom.  We can't smell it. But it is driving him crazy. He is spending every possible moment standing in this place, nose to the floor, occasionally woofing.

Once, a number of years ago, before The Alf was born, we did have a skunk under the garage. We paid a man $500 to come and trap that sucker.

I don't think this is a skunk, though. We smell nothing remotely skunkish. 

I have just put Alfie into the front yard, and I have washed the floor of the mudroom and the bottom of the garage door with ammonia. No, this will not rid us of whatever is living under there. But it MAY make Alfie stop obsessing about it.

Hope, hope.