Now I am in Chicago, staying at a B&B called Ray's Bucktown B&B, subtitled o its business cards "Not Your Parents' B&B"---of course what Ray, the proprietor, doesn't realize is that I AM my parents, or even my grandparents.

I don't know this city well, or its neighborhoods, but "Bucktown" seems to be a funky/artsy neighborhood, and therefore, I suppose, would not be the choice of those "parents" accustomed to The Four Seasons. But I like it. Tonight I am on my own and walked around checking out the restaurants, looking for a place to eat, and ended up in one named BRISTOL, about two blocks from Ray's. The list of entrees was daunting enough that I photographed it with my iPhone:


I was not adventurous---okay, I was a coward---and had the chicken. The pig tail was tempting, though.

Then, back in my room, I signed a batch of posters for tomorrow's play:

Goss poster

They had already been signed by the crew and cast. Tomorrow will be a preview performance, with the opening on Saturday. "Fanciful staging," it says on the poster. Can't wait to see what that means!

Before I left New York, I had lunch yesterday with Jules Feiffer. He and I have done a book together which will be published in the spring---and he has several other things due out this spring, including a memoir, which he gave to me in advanced-reader's-copy form. I love Jules. He's a sweet, honest, funny man. All of that on top of his immense talent.

Jules & Lois