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on Sunday, 06 April 2014 in Uncategorized

I am not certain if "Synchroncity" is the correct word.  But I am thinking of the circumstances when quite unexpectedly something happens at exactly the right time. Such as now.

A few minutes ago I went into the living room to the part of the bookcase where I had some travel books stored. When I moved, and downsized, I threw away (actually, donated) a number of travel books having to do with places that I had visited but would likely never visit again: Antarctica, Iceland, Sumatra, Lichtenstein (yes, really), etc...  But I had kept things like guidebooks and maps of places I would be returning to: Paris. London.  I went looking on that shelf this afternoon because I am going to New York the day after tomorrow and thought I might have a NYC subway map. Turned out I didn't; not a big deal, because I know New York well and can make my way around easily without a tourist map. But as I sat there by the bookcase, I saw a book that I didn't really remember: FOR YOUR EYE ALONE: The Collected Letters of Robertson Davies.

Davies, Canadian man of letters whom I greatly admired, died in 1995. This book was published in 1999, and I very likely bought it then—and read it then—fifteen years ago. As you can see, there are still some markers, placed by me, in its pages.  Since I had little memory of the content, I was curious to see what I had noted in the book. To my amusement, I had...for reasons long forgotten..marked this passage:

This autumn I went to Washington and did a reading at the Library of Congress.It went very well and they treated me royally. Then I went to New York Uiversity, where I found to my dismay that they were using me (without having said anything to me about it) as a means of begging for money...  Their standard of hospitality was certainly not that of the Lib. of Congress; I spoke in a very strange room where the light on the lectern was broken, so that, for seventy minutes, I had to hold it aloft over my MS, like the Statue of Liberty.

I have no recollection of why I bookmarked that particular passage—maybe just an amused sense of recognition since certainly I have spoken at my share of venues with broken lights (and twice in total darkness during power failures.)  But it caught my attention today because I am scheduled to speak at the Library of Congress next month.  Glad to know that their standard of hospitality is so high as to be remarked upon by Robertson Davies!

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I love to read, and one of my absolute favorite authors is Lois Lowry. My favorite book is The Giver. I read T...
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Ashton Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I have two questions for you! Who is your favorite author, and what is your favorite book?

Zheng rice
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