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Summer is flying by

Posted by Lois Lowry
Lois Lowry
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on Thursday, 11 July 2013 in Uncategorized

It's hard to believe that it is a month since I posted anything here.  So busy!  And a lot of company. Today I am alone...though expecting a writer friend who lives in Portland for lunch...so I'l take a minute to update things.

My granddaughter 19, finished her almost-3-months in Costa Rica, where she was atending language immersion school and also volunteering in a national refuge for rescued animals, and came here for a brief visit before returning to Germany.  She came away with a great love of the country, a lot of new friends from everywhere, and a conversational comfort with Spanish. 

There was a tragic interruption when one of the volunteers was murdered by poachers/drug runners.  He had been patrolling sea turtle nests at night, guarding the eggs, which bring a hefty price and are therefore valuable to poachers. There is now a reward for the capture of the murderers and there has been a lot of publicity (google MURDER LIMON COSTA RiCA), but no arrest yet, and it was a devastating set of events for young idealistic volunteers.

Here is Nadine, with a knkajou, which is actually related to the raccoon family.  She also worked with baby monkeys.


When she got here it was probably hotter than Central America...in the 90s in Maine...but now it is cooler, and rainy, porbably more like her home Germany, to which she has returned.

Without any company at the moment, I am working on a speech for the summer conference at Simmons College the end of this month, stumbling along with a book manuscript, and watching wiht interest the increasing posisbilty that The Giver movie will be in the works by fall...filming in South Africa.  Here is the Australian actor, Brenton Thwaites, whom they have selected to play Jonas:



They are upping the age of Jonas, probably to about 16, but at the same time trying to remain true to the book to the extent possible.  Movies and books are very different things and it makes no sense to hope for an unchanged transition. But it is a challenge for the film-makers: the director, the screenwriters. Fingers crossed that it all falls into place and tht it is a good place.

Yes, Jeff Bridges is still on board for the title role.

And here I am with my son's partner, Lori; my granddaughter, Nadine; and Nadine's mom, my daughter-in-law Margret.  We were out on Ben and Lori's boat on Long Lake, below my house, on the 4th of July...near the little island where two bald eagles are raising their young.

  My grandson took this photo of one of the parents...it is hard to tell the male from the female so we don't know if this is Mom or Dad.













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Cathy Brownfield
Cathy Brownfield
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Cathy Brownfield Thursday, 11 July 2013

The tragedy...didn't know about that. Some people have no sense of value of human life. This world is in such chaos right now, maybe because technology has been rapidly developing and we can know everything that's going on within an instant of it happening. Or maybe life really did used to be more simple.

I didn't know The Giver was in production. I will watch for it when it is released, but I think print stories can do so much more than film can do and even if the film is good, it never is as good as the book version.

I'm stumbling along with a manuscript, too. The health matter I wanted to use in this novel will not work. I have to find something else. But the story is coming together in other respects. Good luck with yours. YOU know what you're doing so that shouldn't be a big problem, I think. :D

Emily Paxton
Emily Paxton
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Emily Paxton Thursday, 11 July 2013

I'm hoping so much that the first part of The Giver movie is black and white, just like Jonas' world. I have begun to realize that unless I'm the director the movie will never turn out like the scenes in my minds eye that play while I read.

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Clay Sunday, 14 July 2013

it always amazes me how quickly the summer goes...as a teacher I want to get so much done and yet I find myself enjoying the slower pace of life and enjoying simple things like sitting outside reading, taking time to enjoy a conversation over dinner, or looking at the moon, stars, and planets in the early evening sky.

Ruth Spears
Ruth Spears
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Ruth Spears Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hi! I just found your wonderful blog, Lois! Your books have been a part of my classroom forever!

Oh my, thank goodness your granddaughter is safe!! I just featured Loreen Leedy's picture book "Tracks in the Sand" about the life cycle of sea turtles, on one of my Pinterest boards. My friend used to be a volunteer and got me hooked on those amazing creatures!
Looking forward to seeing the movie of "The Giver" Jeff Bridges has always been one of my favorite actors. :)
Thank you for making a difference in young peoples' lives with all the wonderful stories you've written. :)

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