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Cleaning the pantry/cross-examination

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on Sunday, 11 April 2010 in Uncategorized

DA: And so, Ms. Lowry, it appears that at some time in the distant past, you bought two pounds of cornmeal.

LL: Yessir.

DA: And that, at a later time, in fact during a later year, you bought another two pounds of cornmeal, even though you had never opened the first?

LL: Uh, yes.

DA: And then, last year, a third two pounds?

LL: I guess so. But—

DA: And quite recently, it appears, at Trader Joe's, a box of cornbread mix? Why was that?

LL: (mumbles) Impulse item.


DA: I see. And now, turning to the raisins. .  .and golden raisins . . . and currents . . . and, what is this? Jumbo raisins? . . .

LL: (brightens): Indian pudding! I was going to make Indian pudding!


DA (sarcastically): Or perhaps rice pudding? Because I'm looking at the rice now. Is there a difference between Arborio rice, Sushi rice, brown rice, wild rice. . . 

LL: (begins to weep)

Judge: Let's take a short recess so that the witness can compose herself.

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hannah Monday, 29 November 1999

what a great treat it was to hear you share your heart! thanks for signing so many books:)

T. Crockett Monday, 29 November 1999

I just read Crow Call this weekend and loved it. It has all my favorite qualities for children's lit. The writing is beautiful, not simplified. The words and pictures work in tandem to create whole layers of story that neither one alone could create. And the emotions of the story rang so true to me, as someone who grew up visiting with my father a few times each year due to divorce. Each time there was a dance of getting to know each other again. Thank you for this beautiful book.

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