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Feel free to steal this valuable idea....

Posted by Lois Lowry
Lois Lowry
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on Thursday, 27 October 2011 in Uncategorized

....it is up for grabs.

Last night, in NYC (I am writing this on the train en route home) I had dinner with an old friend whom I haven't seen in a long time and with whom I wanted to catch up on many levels: personal, professional, etc.

We met at a restaurant. And had an excellent meal. But: conversation? We couldn't hear each other.

So: my idea? Concocted last night, in bed, in my hotel.

Someone must open a restaurant...eventually it will be a wildly successfully chain...and its name will be HUSH.  The food, of course, will be fabulous. A great wine list. There will be carpeting on the floor. There will be no music playing. People will speak only in low, soft voices. Shrieky laughter will be penalized. (I have to work out the details of the rulebook. $10 penalty per shriek added to your bill? Or would stern looks suffice?)

Properly publicized, my restaurant will be booked solid every night. The enthusiastic patrons will likely be people over, oh, 55. I will be the first to make a reservation. I can hardly wait.

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Juliana Rowland
Juliana Rowland
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Juliana Rowland Thursday, 27 October 2011

I would SO go to that restaurant!

Mark Kuniya
Mark Kuniya
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Mark Kuniya Thursday, 27 October 2011

Dear Lois,

My 8th Advanced English students have just drafted some letters to you in response to the ending of The Giver. In a week or so, students will publishing their letters on their blogs. I'm certain that you have a very busy schedule, but I wonder if you would have time to respond to a few of the letters after they have been posted online. My students would love it if an established, published author commented on their blogs. Please let me know if you are willing to participate. Thank you.

Mark Kuniya
Carson Valley Middle School

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Paulo Wednesday, 02 November 2011

Hey, my name is Paulo, I live in Peru. Like in the message before mine, I also liked The Giver a lot, here in Peru we read it in school two years ago and it is still one of my favorite books. Unfortunately i cant read your other books because they arent able here, but i just want to give you an idea, i know that im just a teenager but i want to express you the idea i got for one a book.A book where Jonas came back to the comunity, wanting to change the way they all live there, trying, with love, to make people see colors and also to be able to love each other, firts that people in the community try to kill him because the fear they have, but after that that Jonas starts to find new and old friends and make the community to undestand what thay have lost and what they can find again.
As I said, it is just an idea, it would be a perfecto final for me, but for me is its fine to repeat it in my imagination the times i want to, I just want to share my idea with you as a way of saying yo thanks for this wonderfull book.

Sorry for any bad english

Paulo, 16 years old

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Paulo Wednesday, 02 November 2011

Sorry, I forgot, for the community to be against Jonas, it could be that they haven't accepted the giver and he have escaped from it, and Jonas find him at the end of the book.

My email is paulo1705@hotmail.com (: thanks a lot for reading this!

Lois Lowry
Lois Lowry
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Lois Lowry Thursday, 03 November 2011

To the last three people who posted comments here: these are things that should be sent to me by email, for me to answer privately. You can do this easily by clicking on EMAIL ME on my website,

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Marty Sunday, 27 November 2011

And every table shall have a centerpiece made of reading glasses. And it will be open for dinner at 5:00.
Too bad I'm sworn off ever owning a restaurant again. :)

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Salonski Sunday, 04 March 2018

I love this restaurant, the food is fabulous. https://places-to-eat-near-me.com/ :p

maya sary
maya sary
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maya sary Friday, 13 April 2018


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12 Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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Maitri Shah
Maitri Shah
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Maitri Shah Thursday, 17 May 2018
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