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BLOG vs. E-Mail

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on Wednesday, 12 April 2006 in Uncategorized

A few people have posted comments at the end of my musings here, and I appreciate it (I’ve only had to delete one that was random obscenities)…but want to point out, too, that I’m not going to comment on comments and create whole conversations…haven’t time! If you have a question you want to ask me, you should send it by e-mail, which you can do through the website.

Otherwise: feel free to say whatever you wish, as long as it doesn’t need a reply! And if there is something you would like me to discuss, please say so.

Just as an aside: I hate the word “blog.” It sounds, I don’t know, a little like the noise kids make when they fake-barf.

But when I said that, in an e-mail to one of my daughters, she replied:

Why don't you like the word? it sounds so funny
to me, BLAWGG --(C'mon, you gotta love it: blawwwwgg!!! buhloggy! Blahg)

Nah. Sorry. I don’t love it, even though she tells me I should.

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