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on Monday, 06 November 2006 in Uncategorized

Here I am in Cromwell, Connecticut, having spent last night and today at the CEMA annual conference....Connecticut Educatonal Media Association. One of the good things about being with a lot of media experts is that you know the technology will work!!! I often use a power point presentation just because it is fun for people to see stuff (I know I'd rather look at pictures while smeone talks instead of just listening) but there is nothing worse than a lot of waiting around while people try to figure out how to get the LCD projector working (in the old days it was a slide projector, of course).

And needless to say, it is great to be with people who work in schools, and with kids, and with books.

Here is what WASN'T great, and it was my own doing...or undoing. I drove into Cromwell about 4 PM, and noticed maybe 10 miles earlier that most other cars had their lights on. So I flicked mine on, even though at four, it was not yet dark or even dusk. And: you got it: I forgot to turn them off. (My other car, a Volvo, has its lights on and.or off automatically with the igntion. The Honda CRV I was driving...which I love in every other way...does not.

I thought of it about 10 PM as I was watching the Patriots lose. Oh dear, I don't think I turned the car lights off. By then it was too late to do anything, and so I waited till 7 AM, went out to the hotel parking lot to check, and sure enough: dead battery.

This is like the game of "Fortunately, Unfortunately" that my granddaughter and I used to play.

Unfortunately my car battery was dead.

Fortunately I am a member of AAA.

Unfortunately my AAA card said that my membership had expired in August.

Fortunately it had been renewed; I just didn't have the updated card with me.

Unfortunately they wanted to come right while I was making a speech.

Fortunately they waited and came at the end of the day and got my car going.

Unfortunately they said I'd have to let it idle for an hour; and it is BORING to sit in a car in a parking lot for that long.

But all is now well, and my fingers are crossed for morning, when I will get in ny car...and (please, God) the engine will start...and I will head home and get there in time to VOTE.

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berkli Monday, 12 December 2011

:p smile

Charles J Brown
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Charles J Brown Tuesday, 01 May 2018

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