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on Saturday, 11 November 2006 in Uncategorized

Someone asked if I would at least tell what age level or grade level the new book will be for. You know, that is not something I think at all about when I'm writing something. Publishers and reviewers grapple with that—publishers so that they can direct their marketing efforts; reviewers so that they can recommend or NOT recommend—and I suppose librarians and teachers as well, in order to purchase or not purchase, assign or not assign—but I never give it a thought.

However, having been asked, I re-read what I have written so far, (well, in truth I do this every morning: re-read; make small changes; re-think) and looked at it from the perspective of what-age-is-this-for.

I would say 8 to 80.

Maybe 90, if the sense of humor has remained intact..

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