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on Saturday, 25 November 2006 in Uncategorized


It is damp and gray in Germany, typical November weather, and here (see photo) is what my granddaughter and I have been doing...using my computer to make ourselves as weird-loking as possible. Who would have guessed that this praying mantis is actually a beautiful seventh grade girl? And what kind of bad grandma (or Oma, as I am called in her language) would teach a kid to play an addictive game like Cubis Gold, knowing that her mom has strict rules about the amount of time she spends on the computer?

And bad movies, as well. Last night she and I watched "Poseidon."

Nadine is taking English in her German school, required here though she has spoken it fluently since she learned to talk. Her description of the English lessons...taught in what she calls "Brit English"...is wonderfully funny because she can imitate accents so well, and sounds just like Helen Mirren.

Nice to see her bedroom stacked high with books. I was able to bring her a new German translation of my own "Messenger" and Phyllis Naylor has recently sent some German editions of her "Alice" series. But there are loads of good German kids' books as well...of course Cornelia Funke, though she has moved to the USA now, was originally from Germany.

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