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on Wednesday, 29 November 2006 in Uncategorized


This is Luke, my granddaughter's 3-year-old beagle, which has a beagle personality and stubborness but the face of ..what? a devout monk, maybe; or a melancholy scholar. That's me, trying to eat my pommes frites while pretending that there is not a mournful, starving (hah) critter at my elbow.

I am home now, after a long day of flying: Luxembourg to Zurich; Zurich to Boston. I read an excellent novel (THE NIGHT WATCH by Sarah Waters) on the plane. Had hoped to work more on a baby blanket that I'm knittiing for a friend's coming baby...and even went out and got wooden needles since Airport Security wouldn't have liked the metal ones I was using. But in my squished Economy seat the needles were too long to use without poking my neighbors so I had to give up on it.

Just for kicks, before we left, I called Swiss International to ask what it would cost to upgrade to business class. Hey, it never hurts to ask! But the answer was $6500. THAT hurt. And so I had to abandon my knitting....eight hours on that plane; it would have killed some time in a productive way. As an alternative, when I wasn't reading, I watched "The Last Samurai" on my little back-of-the-seat TV. Knitting would have been a more noble enterprise, I think.

I had my laptop with me and theoretically could have done some work but I am never able to do that on a plane. There seems a lack of privacy and for some reason I need privacy when I'm writing. I KNOW that the businessman next to me hasn't the slightest interest in peering over my shoulder to read the dialogue or description I'm working on...why should he? I have no interest in peering over his and reading his sales reports...but still, I don't feel comfortable, and have quit trying to work on planes. Airports..that's another matter. I've gotten stuck in airports and spent several hours at work on manuscripts on occasion. I wrote an entire chapter of the book GATHERING BLUE in a Tennessee airport. (I think it was Knoxville, and I think it was Chapter 9).Lois_luke

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