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on Wednesday, 03 January 2007 in Uncategorized

And where was I, on New Years Eve at midnight? Sound asleep. I must be getting old. But I had gotten up that morning at 6 AM, as usual, with the dog, packed up my stuff, tidied up the Maine houese and done all the leave-taking rituals (turn off the water pump, open up all the under-the counter cabinet doors so that heat will get to the pipes, clean out the fridge, turn on the alarm system, etc. etc.), then drove to Massachusetts, stopping in New Hampshire for lunch with my daughter who lives there. And back at home - by 9 PM, was ready for bed.

I got a lot done in Maine, even with time off for Christmas with family. I came close to finishing the first draft of a new book..and DID finish it back here; and all 178 manuscript pages are now stacked on the dining room table. I'll let it settle a bit, re-read it and tweak it, and then off it will go to the editor.

I also have written a batch of thank-you notes, paid a batch of bills, and sneaked off to a movie: NOTES ON A SCANDAL, one of the choices this month of my women's movie group...we'll meet in late January to talk about it, and I may well go a second time before then. There are always things you miss, first time. Seeing it again, when you are not thinking about how it will turn out..what will happen...THEN is when you notice the film-making details and nuance. I found this one a brilliantly written and filmed movie, but very distressing...portraying, as it does, people making such self-desctructive choices that you want to call out to them: No! DON'T!"

It occurs to me that at two previous movie-group meetings, discussion was vigorous for the same reason..because of the bad choices characters made (and why they did): THE DOOR IN THE FLOOR, and LITTLE CHILDREN. It always all boils down to disappointment, loneliness, heartbreak, grief. And then to watch the characters...in movie, or book...plunge themselves further into tragedy (and maybe extricate themselves? you keep hoping, anyway) And in each of these three movies (it now occurs to me) ...the damage done to children by adults. THAT'S the heartbreaker.

Not in my new manuscript, though. This one is a light-heated book, no soul-searching. Sometimes it is a nice break just to romp through the pages of a book: writing, or reading.

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