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on Wednesday, 21 February 2007 in Uncategorized

from Gail:

At age 57 I am about to graduate from library school, with a license to be a school librarian. For a current assignment, I must write something about "Number the Stars" and thus I found your website and your blog. I have read your comments regarding censorship of books for children because of isolated words or complex ideas. For my paper on Number the Stars, I have chosen the words, "Can't we just walk, like civilized people?" some of the first words spoken by Ellen. I connect "civilization" or "civilized" with freedom--the freedom to read thoughts that make us think. The freedom to put in libraries books that will expand the minds of our children, our future. I am also reminded of words spoken by the president of Spain in 2005 when the Spanish parlement passed a law permitting gay marriage, adoption by gay couples and equal rights. The president's words were in response to criticism from the Catholic right. He said that gay people were not "the other"; they are our brothers, sisters, etc. By passing this law, he explained, this is the way we treat people in civilized society, in a democracy. We live in a civilized society. Standing up for books that use impolite words or that present complex ideas, that look at painful situations, this is how we act in a civilized society.
Thank you for your books, for stretching the minds of our children.

Thank you for becoming a librarian, Gail. The world needs more of you!

from Silvia:

Hi. I've just finished "The Giver", could you please tell me if there is a movie?, my first language is Spanish, and when I read a book in English I like to find out if there is a movie. thank you.

No movie, Silvia. Maybe someday!

from Lizann in Newfoundland:

I am a huge fan of your books. I read Gossamer on Christmas, i finished it right before we ate the family supper, thats how much i enjoyed it. I know I should have tried to make it last, but when you're into a book, what can you do? I didnt do anything, obviously. Anyways, I also really, REALLY enjoyed the trilogy. I think it may have changed my life, made me more aware.

Thank you, Lizann. It is what a writer most hopes for.

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