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on Saturday, 31 March 2007 in Uncategorized

from Susan:

Your last two posts are of great interest to me. Is it perhaps The People's Light And Theater Company that is doing The Giver? If so, it's nearby and I'll try to see it, Also, I have cousins and friends in Slovakia, so I enjoyed your "monk" question. It's an unusual country, I think! My grandmother left there between the World Wars. I think communism made it even more backward a place.

Yes, that's the theater! I've forgotten the dates of their production but you can find it out from the theater, I'm sure.

from Holly:

.... we've started Gossamer and have just gotten to the first "infliction". The room was very quiet - another reason I read to classes - it's the one time I know they'll pay complete attention! Sadly, we have to return to grammar and standards requirements, which they don't seem to care for quite as much. Fancy that!

I may have been the only child/adolescent in the world who actually loved studying grammar. I remember having to create sentences as examples of senetnce structure, parts of speech, grammar, etc...and while all my classmates created (I thought) the most mundane of sentences..I made whole stories with characetrs and plots out of them.

and from Elaine, after the paper clip/shoelace brouhaha:

Thanks for sticking up for teachers! I taught elementary school for many years until I retired in 2004. I worked with a group of truly dedicated professionals. Teachers and public schools often get a lot of bad press these days. It helps to have someone as respected as you speak up for us!

and from Susan:

I'm glad to hear that there will be a new Gooney Bird Greene before the end of the school year. My second graders are loving her second book now. Quite a few have read ahead to find out the identity of the room mother, but they are delighting in keeping it secret from the others in the class.

Fun. The new one also has a secret-till-the-end for the kids to worry about a bit. Something is troubling second-grader Nicholas and no one, incliuding the teacher, can figure out what it is. Of course Gooney Bird is the one who saves the day for him!

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