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Lloyd Alexander

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on Friday, 18 May 2007 in Uncategorized


On hearing today of Lloyd Alexander's death, I was reminded of the time that Trina Schart Hyman (another friend who died too soon) had painted him into the background of a scene in her book "The Fortune-Tellers." (Her ex-husband, Harris, is also one of the background figures in the same book).

I can't tell you what page it is, because the pages aren't numbered; but here it is (see photo attached) and no, I did NOT draw that red circle into the book; just in the computer. The book, which Trina gave me, and which I treasure, is intact.) She found a particular chortle in the vultures that she posed on the roof above the cafe where Lloyd sits looking morosely into a drink.

I can almost feel the earth tremble, when such giants topple. Trina Hyman. Carol Hurst. Lloyd Alexander. One can only hope that they are all enjoying a fine apres-life together somewhere.

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