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on Saturday, 02 June 2007 in Uncategorized


OKay, the tying run is on second base and Coco Crisp is at bat.

Alfie was out playing and a new pal happened along. it amazes me that people in rural areas like this simply let their dogs run loose.

(Game is now tied)

Anyway, this pleasant dog (female? male? dunno), mixed breed, wearing quite a handsome collar, roamed onto our property and Alfie had a playmate to tussle with and chase until they were both worn out. Then the dog disappeared, running off into the next field (Alfie won't cross our boundaries. Not that he is obedient at all, just that he hates being electrocuted) but we are all (okay, that "we" would be me and Alfie) hoping that he'll be back every day for a playdate.

Today, seeing a couple of small empty spots in my garden, I bought and planted two delphiniums and a hollyhock, then apologetically emailed my wonderful gardener-and-friend, Lucia, that I had done so, prefacing my confession with, "Unable to leave well enough alone..." But Lucia replied affably, "Well enough should never be left alone, especially in a garden."

I have 30 peony bushes about to explode into bloom. I remember writing about them last year, describing them (fully blooming) as overly-made-up past-their-prime females, sprawling on the driveway as if they had tippled a bit too much.

My plan is to get a lot of work done this summer. First, revisions on the stage script of "Gossamer"...I'll be going to Milwaukee in August for a professional reading of it. Also, another Gooney Bird book, so that I can get them out there with less time between each one. And a "real" novel to start. Lots to do. But I am just getting organized and into my summer mode, so this goofing off is just preliminary to real work, a way of changing from city-to-country and taking a bit of a break in bewteen. Also, I have to go to New York next Thursday. I'm a member of the PEN American board, headquartered there, and go down there for board meetings periodically. Sometimes I use it as an excuse to go to the theater, or to see friends (or both) but this time will be a quick overnight, and then on, again just overnight, to North Carolina, where twin step-grandaughters are graduating from high school. Then back to Maine and THEN will go to work for real.

I had to give up on today's NYT crossword puzzle, just couldn't get it done. But my friend Janet in San Francisco just emailed that she has it all done but 50-across. So perhaps just out of pride I should re-visit it. Competitive? Moi?

Okay, Big Papi is at bat. David Ortiz.

Ah, he walked. And yay! Ramirez just hit a double! And no outs!

But it has started raining! Darn! they're rolling out the tarp to cover the field. It shoud be a quick shower, though. We had several showers here today and they didn't last long.

Oh, I do love summer.

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Liam Monday, 29 November 1999

the first cover, with the apple is really cool. in fact, I'm reading the Giver at school! Only the cover is different than those two; my cover has an old guy (the Giver, I think) and a forest or something.
it's a good book!

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