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on Tuesday, 03 July 2007 in Uncategorized


A reader has emailed to ask if I could talk about the franed things on the walls, and also the old copper n the shelf in the last photos of my studio. Happy to. I love everything that hangs on my walls...and in two separate houses, that is a LOT of stuff....

First, though, the copper. Which is in SERIOUS nede of polishing. All of it dates back to probably around the time this house was built...late 18th century. But I did not prowl the countryside collecting it myself. An elderly great aunt who had been an antique collector left it to me when she died. (the same great aunt who was a photographer in the early 20th century, and who left me her photographs, which now illustrate a book called THE SILENT BOY. But that's another story.)

Things on walls. Click to enlarge. The first, which sadly is fading badly, is several pages, four of them, each framed, of a musical composition written by a composer friend. "Third String Quartet" commissioned by the Kronos Quartet, it says on the inscription, and he...the composer, Thomas Oboe Lee, gave it to us in 1982.

Second is a framed memento - several photographs of the production - given to me by the director and cast of Prime Stage Theatre in Pittsburgh, after they had presented the stage adaptation of THE GIVER in soring 2006, just a little more than a year ago.

The third has no personal connection, really; it is a photograph I bought at an art gallery in Vermont several years ago.

Now I want to run around the house (eleven rooms!) photographing everything on the walls, so I can tell each of their stories. I will spare you that. But maybe I'll do one at a time, occasionally, because so many have personal references; often they have been done by friends. I have one guest room back in Massachusetts that has original art from children's books in it...some illustrations by Diane DeGroat, a painting by Allen Say; a small watercolor given to me by Rosemary Wells...and in the living room, a large oil by Ashley Bryan.

Well, I'll do them one by one. It will be a smorgasbord.

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Caryn Monday, 29 November 1999

There are reasons why Finland always ranks near the top on their school scores. Education is valued, and it really shows. That makes such a difference.

Dawn Monday, 29 November 1999

The Stephanie Meyer books are wonderful. I actually became hooked because so many of my 8th grade girls kept hounding me to read the first one. It's refreshing to have students actually get their teacher hooked on a book for a change. These same girls have also taken it upon themselves to begin a book club for the second and third books in the series. Hmmm...wonder if they'll let me tag along!

Teresa Monday, 29 November 1999

Oh I love the Twilight Trilogy It is amazing. I can see why your granddaughter was immersed in it, I couldnt put it down either!

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