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on Sunday, 26 December 2010 in Uncategorized

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Here in Maine—and rumor has it, in Cambridge as well—the wind is howlng and the snow is flying. Reading in the paper about all the travelers stranded in airports in Europe and the USA, I think we were amazingly lucky to make our way out of Zurich on 12/22 and eventually home by a circuitous route. 

The blizzard began last night, as predicted. But Ben and Lori and the boys were able to be here for the day (Funny Rhys, who had a birthday in early December, said to me on arriving: "I believe when you last saw me, i was only nine") to exchange gifts, have lunch, (and champagne, to celebrate Christmas and aslo Lori's having been named a partner in her law firm), and to watch the Patriots trounce Buffalo (while the boys, 12 and 10, went down to the Magic Lantern movie theater on Main Street to see "Tron: Legacy")  All in all a small-town holiday. Anticpating the snowstorm, I had stocked up on food and flashlight batteries (haven't lost power, though; not yet at least); and Martin and his son Andrew, who is with us, schlepped firewood in from the barn so we were/are all set for the long haul.  Still hoping to get home tomorrow, though, if the weather lets up.

I finished Anita Shreve's new book, "Rescue," on my KIndle, and have started "The Hare with the Golden Eyes" by Edmund DeWaal

At the heart of Edmund de Waal's strange and graceful family memoir, The Hare with Amber Eyes, is a one-of-a-kind inherited collection of ornamental Japanese carvings known as netsuke. The netsuke are tiny and tactile--they sit in the palm of your hand--and de Waal is drawn to them as "small, tough explosions of exactitude." He's also drawn to the story behind them, and for years he put aside his own work as a world-renowned potter and curator to uncover the rich and tragic family history of which the carvings are one of the few concrete legacies.

which was highly recommended by a friend. Being snowbound is a good occasion for reading, of courseor doing jigsaw puzzles—or for watching movies. Last fall the video rental store in this little town closed its doors, and I bought a batch of videos at slashed prices...some old favorites, of course...like "Milk" and "The Hours".... but also some I had never seen, like  "Sexy Beast" with Ben Kingsley, and "In the Valley of Elah."

I might actually work, as well. Now there's a thought! I have my current ongoing manuscript on this laptop. And I have a speech to write: keynote address for the SCBWI convention in late January.

So: no shortage of things to uccupy my time. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!



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Maggie Monday, 29 November 1999

I'm in a play adaptation of Number the Stars right now! It would be so cool to see it as a movie.

Annie Monday, 29 November 1999

It is a lovely poster! I hope the movie will have a similar visual style. Looking forward to seeing it on the screen, hopefully soon!

Emily Monday, 29 November 1999

Love the poster! And I'm so excited for the movie!!!

WI Mom Monday, 29 November 1999

My 5th grader says "Oh... they *better* do a good job on it, or I'll be really mad!"

Kelsey Monday, 29 November 1999

Wow, I'm not sure I could handle a film version of Number the Stars! I am sure it would be every bit as powerful and amazing as the book. As a former teacher I like being able to compare/contrast books and their adaptations with students.

twototwo Monday, 29 November 1999

This was the first work I read by you, and it has held a special place in my heart. With all of the movie adaptations of books, I am excited to see this one come to screen!

Naomi Monday, 29 November 1999

Ohhhh, that is a fantastic poster.

Josh Monday, 29 November 1999

Hello Lois this is probably going to be a waste of my time but I really would like to talk to you, maybe over email, about a book. So I would get on my hands and knees and beg if I have to but please respond to me.

Lois Lowry Monday, 29 November 1999

No need for hands and knees! You can email me by clicking on "email me" on my website

Michelle Monday, 29 November 1999

I'm so excited to see that a movie version is being made-- I absolutely loved the book and remember reading it with my class in elementary school.

Mavis Hoffman Monday, 29 November 1999

I teach this book to all my students. I love it. I look forward to watching the movie when it is completed.

Karen Monday, 29 November 1999

Having read this book with my students for the past seventeen years , I am ecstatic to hear of the possibility of a movie adaptation. The poster is BEAUTIFUL!

desalvo d Monday, 29 November 1999

Beyond excited! <3

Val Monday, 29 November 1999

Can only imagine how wonderful a movie could be! We are reading the book right now...and it is such a brilliant picture for my students of what life was like then...they will NOT let me put it down!

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