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Boy + Dream = Library

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on Wednesday, 14 November 2007 in Uncategorized


Back in 2004, when Robert (or R.J.) Bolian, then eleven years old, first contacted me, it was because he had decided that his town—Rollinsford, New Hampshire—needed a library. I agreed with him. I told him then that a town with no library was like a body with no heart. It took him a while—three years; he is now fourteen—and a lot of work and fundraising (a cookbook, bake sales, a craft show, donatons) and imagination. But here is Robert signing the lease on the space that will soon be Rollinsford's public library.

I plan myself, to send him...or rather, the library...lots of books. I have many more than I have shelf space for and I can't imagine a better home for them. Good work, R.J.!

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Oswaldo Jimenez Monday, 29 November 1999

I heard Barbara Walters interviewed on NPR. Hearing about her "real" life sure made me realize that people's lives are not always what they seem on the surface.
I suspect it's the fact that people like her and, you Ms. Lowry, for that matter, have accomplished extraordinary milestones..feats that seem out of reach to mere mortals like me, that inspire us to look within us for inspirational goals.
Take this blog for instance. Reading about poetry and seeing a photograph of your flowers inspired me to work on my pesky yard---which seems to have a taken a life of its own. I'm currently fashioning it into a graden ( no small feat) so that I can seat out during lazy summer afternoons surrounded by flowers and watch the orange hues in the sky as the sun sinks in the horizon while cradling a favorite tome in my arms and sipping a chilled glass of Chardonay from a local winery here on Long Island.
Contributing to your marvelous blog has also rekindled my love of writing...which is mostly personal and therapeutic rather than for public consumption.
The biggest misconception about me: "that I don't know how to dream big"
....go figrue!

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