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on Monday, 10 December 2007 in Uncategorized


Attached, a new edition of THE GIVER (click to enlarge) soon to come out in the UK...they've just sent me this proof. Interesting new cover which I think would be intriguing to a potential reader/buyer, and that he/she would not feel deceived upon reading the book.

Compared to:


a much older version, published in Australia in 1993. Clearly the illustrator had not read the book carefully. Never once does the boy wear sneakers and jeans. I can picture young readers turning again and again tot he cover with a puzzled look.

Not quite as strange, though, as the Chinese version...(or is it Japanese? Maybe so. I've forgotten)...which has a skier schussing down a hill on the cover of the book. There, it might have been a translation error. Sled=skis.

Makes one wonder.

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Oswaldo Jimenez Monday, 29 November 1999

"Willoughby? Maybe it's wishful thinking nestled in a hidden part of a man's mind, or maybe it's the last stop in the vast design of things - or perhaps, for a man like Gart Williams, who climbed on a world that went by too fast, it's a place around the bend where he could jump off. Willoughby? Whatever it is, it comes with sunlight and serenity, and is part of the Twilight Zone." --Rod Serling
How weird is THAT?!

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