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on Wednesday, 09 January 2008 in Uncategorized

I have just had a pleasant lunch in the Zurich Airport and have settled in for an afternoon because my plane to Luxembourg doesn't leave for 5 hours. The trouble with my planned afternoon of work is that my mind is groggy. I never sleep well on an all-night flight no matter how tired I am or how often I tell myself, "It is 2 AM"...each time I try to arrange myself in a comfortable position, my mind turns to, "If my left foot just weren't wedged against that metal thing..." which precipitates a whole new rearrangement of body parts, settling in anew, and then: "If I could just keep my knee from poking that thick magazine in the seat pocket..." and on and on. Then I end up in Zurich and veeerry tried.

A long time ago, when it was announced that Switzerland was disbanding its army, I said facetiously, "What will they do with all those little knives?" Well, the answer is that they are all for sale in the Zurich Airport. The irony is, if you buy one, you are not allowed to take it aboard a plane.

It is a beautiful sunny day here today: blue skies over the hills. But my iPhone can't operate in Europe so if I took a picture I would not be able to send it to myself, to attach to this post. Take my word for it, though: the Alps are snowy against the blue sky, cows are wearing flowers around their necks, men in lederhosen are blowing into alpenhorns, and pretty girls have edelweiss wreaths in their hair.

I made all of that up. I am actually looking out at tarmac with Lufthansa and Swiss planes lined up, baggage handlers and small vehicles, and not a single postcard view in sight.

Yawn. I think I'll take a snooze. Oh, but first: here's another picture of the little boy in "The Willoughbys"..the one trying to make his way back to his long-last father. By now (again, click to enlarge) he is starting to look a little bedraggled.


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Lynne Monday, 29 November 1999

Just love your posts, pictures and narrative. Always enjoyable to see where you are writing from this time! On horseback? In a canoe? On the wide open range?? Delightful!!

Jennifer D G Monday, 29 November 1999

Thanks to the Willoughbys, from now on I will be very
suspicious if my kids (or grandkids) send me splashing down white water in a raft.
Congratulations on being #5! I thought the story was hilarious.

your neighborhood librarian Monday, 29 November 1999

I JUST finished The Willoughbys, and I can't wait for my boys (ages 5 and 6) to get home from their own adventure so that I can read it to them.
On the other hand, I can't wait to return it to the library so that I can recommend it to my young patrons.
"Ach!" she expostulated. "What a diabolical dilemma!"

Sarah Blattner Monday, 29 November 1999

I just picked up a copy of The Willoughbys today at Border's. As a middle school English teacher who adores exposing kids to THE GIVER each year and the craft of your writing, I was so disappointed to see that Border's had one copy of your new book tucked away on the shelves. I even told the manager that they should be embarrassed. I explained to him what a wonderful young adult author you are, not to mention award-winning. I asked him why there isn't a nice display showing off the new book and tempting young and old alike! What a delightful new yarn. I dove right into the glossary at the back--how fun! Thank you for continuing to share your life as a writer and reader. I always look forward to your writings!

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