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on Sunday, 10 February 2008 in Uncategorized


This is the view from the home of friends in San Francisco with whom I have just spent the past few days. So I have been playing hookey, not working, though now that I'm back, it is catch-up time; 300+ emails were waiting for me on the website.

I go there at least once a year to see these same friends. The wife is an artist, and one time when I was visiting I took her to meet Ruth Heller, extraordinary illustrator who lived there, and who showed us through her studio before we went out to lunch together. We had all three hoped for more such get-togethers but Ruth died, sadly, before we could make that happen.

I do love SF. The weather is so much milder—I returned late Friday night to fresh snow in Boston, with more flurries today; and they are predicting below zero temperature in the morning—but I doubt if I could ever leave New England, especially with grandchildren here. And so many good friends.

Week after next I will go up to Maine, to the farm, and hole up for a little while to get some work done without distractions. My friend Kay, on sabattical from a university teaching job and working on a book, will come with me, and we will set ourselves up in two different offices in the house and plug away.

Alfie stayed at a new kennel while we were gone. This one sends him home with a little report card that comments on his eating, sleeping, and playing habits while in residence. It deemed him...yes, they really used this phrase..a "party animal." I'm going to take that to mean what it used to say on my children's kindergarten report cards: "Plays nicely with others."

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Alex Steed Monday, 29 November 1999

Enjoy your time at the banned book - er - acknowledgement.
I didn't know that about Sarah Palin, to tell the truth.

Heather Z. Monday, 29 November 1999

Wow. That picture is absolutely beautiful. At first I thought you had taken a screenshot from Pride and Prejudice (no, I really did). Simply stunning.
I hope the Banned Books acknowledgement went well and I must say, I love your little rhyme for your mice! It feels like it belongs in a very perverse book of Mother Goose rhymes. Did you write that yourself? If you did, I hope it makes it into one of your books sometime.
Good luck on your current manuscripts!

lois Lowry Monday, 29 November 1999

Thanks! It isn't, really, a very good photo. But I happened to have my cell phone in my bathrobe pocket when I was out at dawn. This morning would have been even better because I was out at dawn with my son's visiting two golden retrievers - who are VERY photogenic and beautiful - but no cell phone in the pocket today, alas.

Reneire ; ) Monday, 29 November 1999

Ms. Lowry, I loved "The Giver," and also your pictures on here, too. I want to become an author one day and I was wordering if you can maybe give me a word or two of advice by email, pretty please. In fact, I am still kind of young, that's why. Thank you. :)

lois Lowry Monday, 29 November 1999

I'm afraid I am very bad at advice to young writers, except to say that, more than anything, reading is the way one learns to write. Reading EVERYTHING! And keeping journals, which means you write frequently, and privately, without worrying about grades or publication. Finding friends who also like to write so that you can read your work to each other and make suggestions...many professional authors do that.

Alex Steed Monday, 29 November 1999
bob smith Monday, 29 November 1999


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