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on Wednesday, 12 March 2008 in Uncategorized


Here is a group of wonderful 5th graders in Portland, Oregon, who spent an hour asking me questions yesterday morning...and many of whom came last night to be part of 900 people to hear the annual children's author lecture held each year. My hand got tired from signing books afterwards...but it was nice that many of the books were the brand new one, THE WILLOUGHBYS, which is JUST available for the first time.

Night before last I watched a reading of the play "Gossamer," by performers from the Oregon Children's Theater (2 children and 5 adults, reading the parts) listened to comments and questions from an enthusiastic audience, and could feel for the first time just how it will work on stage. There was no staging yet, of course, but listening to the reading, you could sense the pacing, and the scene changes. People in the audience who knew the book enjoyed the reading; but the important thing was that people who had never read the book could still "get it" in its dramatic form. There was laughter and silence and probably even a little eye-dabbing here and there.

Now I must dash off to speak at a luncheon and then rush to the airport to get a plane to Vancouver, where I'll be speaking tonight. Busy week!

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Deborah Monday, 29 November 1999

There must be some sort of a glitch on Amazon, because that book is NOT out of print. You can get it on Barnes and Noble.com:
It is such a beautiful book.
p.s: I am a 6th grade teacher and I just have to put in how much I lOVE your books and how much my kids love them. The Giver provides so many wonderful opportunities for discussion and connecting to the world, particularly in a politically charged place like Washington DC, where we live. The kids really get meaningful discussions out of that novel and have terrific responses. So thanks; just keep doing what you're doing!

Alex Steed Monday, 29 November 1999

Definitely not out of print - or at least I think that's definite. I've seen that book in several stores.
Petit is my friend's uncle. He told me the story while the movie was in the making and I just found it unbelievable. I can't wait to see it.

Julia Monday, 29 November 1999

Dear Ms. Lowry - my name is Julia and I am eight years old. I have been reading books since I was three and nothing to me is a better way to spend my time. I just got a lot of books on ebay - with 8 of your books. I just finished Gooney Bird Greene which I loved, I was so happy that you decided to have Felicia Ann speak up at the end - it was making me sad throughout - the thought of her missing out on things because she was so shy. I also loved all the great outfits Gooney Bird wore and how the others in her class and her teacher began chainging what they were wearing too. I had to do a book cube for school and I drew the piture of Gooney Bird with the black gloves and ruffled blouse. Thanks for a great book. I am also finishing the book "Hoot" and then I will decide between "Number the Stars" and "The Giver" - Thanks again for such great books. Have you ever read "The Deliverers of their Country" by E. Nesbit? It is a great book with amazing pictures.

Kristi Monday, 29 November 1999

Maybe we don't need to revisit the issue of posting personal political opinions, but in case you're interested, this has recently been addressed by other authors, and when this link came my way this morning I thought of you:

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