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on Thursday, 17 April 2008 in Uncategorized

You can click on any of these photos to enlarge.


First, a photo just sent to me from the recent event at the Kennedy Library: me at the podium, introducing gorgeous Alice Hoffman, who appears to be listening attentively. Alice is now off touring for her new book, The Third Angel, and it wouldn't surprise me if we were to run into each other at an airport someplace!

Next, a stack of books waiting to be autographed at Politics and Prose, the wonderful bookstore in Washington DC. I spent the past week first in Baltimore, then Washington (where I was competing with The Pope), then Philadelphia (where Hillary and Barack were just down the street).


And - another photo: This is an incredible cake crated by a mom! I was at St. Alban's School in Washington DC, for an evening event sponsored by the parent-and-boy book club (many dads there! How great is THAT!) The Willougbys cake was done by Malcolm's mother...I'm sorry I can't remember thier last name, and surely she deserves to go down in history! It tasted good, too!


Finally, an audience of 7th-8th graders brought from their schools by bus to the library in Chestnut Hill, part of Philadelphia. This was a great bunch of kids. Well behaved, lots of questions, and after the event, as I walked through the library to get back to where my driver was waiting, I could see groups of them lined up to get library cards!

During a Q-and-A with these kids, one of them asked a question about the meaning of "release" in The Giver. I began to answer, then noticed a boy in the front row had put his hands over his ears, and was groaning. I stopped talking and asked if he was okay. "I haven't finished reading it yet!" he wailed. "Don't ruin it!"

So of course I didn't.


Early Monday morning I take off again, this time flying to Los Angeles for two days of meetings at Warner Brothers, about the film of "The Giver."

And when am I finding any time to write? Well, right now I'm not. But on May 5th I will head back to Maine for some uninterrupted time there, during which I will re-open (literally, on my computer) a manuscript that has been neglected now for too long.

Tulips in my Cambridge yard are close to blooming, and the forsythia that so distinguishes our house (for one week each spring, people can give directions by saying, "Turn left by the house with the forsythia") is almost at its magnificent peak.

And now I must turn my attention to today's NY Times crossword.

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brenda Monday, 29 November 1999

My favorite photograph in Ted and Betsy Lewin's house shows a tiger pouncing at the camera. You will have to ask them about it the next time you see them.

Jonas Monday, 29 November 1999

Two groups of people who are the most likely to have and maintain genuine friendships seem to be: 1) Children, and 2) Adults who have found their calling, or a means of self-expression that they have come to terms with. I envy you. I can't say I've had one really close friend since my high school days. I'm just fretting here...but, I believe those two groups of people have much in common. They both are capable of expressing a certain naivete about human nature, suspension of preconceptions about people, and fearlessness about where an uncertain path might lead. This is how I see friendships depicted in your works, and maybe that's why I keep going back to them. A friend - a title we nowadays so willingly bestow upon the most minor of acquaintances, perhaps in dire hopes that there's a thread of connection that's about to materialize. A friend. Depending on who you are, it's a rare gift. It's also one that furnishes life with the greatest of treasures.

Betty Monday, 29 November 1999

Sorry I didn't have any urinary stories to share, but I did so enjoy meeting you in Calgary - it was the highlight of the conference for me. I'm putting the picture on my blog, too!

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