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Back on the East Coast

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on Friday, 25 April 2008 in Uncategorized

It is actually warmer here than it was in Beverly Hills. Think I just hit a cool snap out there.

My next trip in this non-stop spring will be Newport News, Virginia, where I will speak at a Holocaust Remembrance ceremony next Thursday evening.

As for movie news, now that I have actually met with the people involved: no news. Simply a lot of discussion about things left unanswered in the book...how to answer them in the film, or how to deal with them if they are to remain unanswered. Various visions of what things look like. How big is the community? How old is The Giver? All of these things...which can be left for a book-reader to individualize...have to be firmed up for casting directors, for set designers, etc. No more "whatever you want it to be in your imagination."

It's an interesting, challenging process.

Here's a front desk at Warner Brothers:


Not all that glamorous. Just hard-working people.

Yes, there was another cotton-candy night at dinner, and another amazed dinner guest, British screenwriter Guy Hibbert. I did take his picture so that his actress wife back in London could see what he was confronted with (but won't post it here and violate his privacy)

UNeventful flight home. Six separate people inquired about my Kindle. It certainly is a conversation-starter!

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