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on Monday, 09 June 2008 in Uncategorized

After a week of cool rainy weather...followed by a couple of hot sunny days...the gardens have flung themselves into summer. And wouldn't you know it, I have to leave Maine Wednesday, day after tomorrow, for ten days.

Alfie & peonies Alfie has been having a wonderful vacation (there he is peeking from behind a bush) with various company...which he loves...coming and going (no visiting dogs this time, alas).

Clematis By the time I return, there will be plenty of other things in bloom but I do hate to say goodbye to the peonies and lupine be cause they will be gone when I return.


Back garden My friend Nancy was here for the weekend and being an organized person, she sorted out all of my spices...threw away everything with overdue expiration dates...and alphabetized them. Is that a great friend, or what?!

Now I am back at work, at my computer, and experiencing an odd phenomenon: a story nudging at me: a setting, and some characters...and none of it/them part of what I've been working on. So tomorrow I may turn my attention there and see what's going on. It would not be the first time I've been sideswiped by a stranger. You learn to pay attention to such things, startling though they are..

Alfie was bathed and groomed last week by the local dog groomer; and I had my hair cut by the local haircutter; and tomorrow I'm getting my car washed by the local car washer. All of these services are provided just as capably....but considerably less expensively...in Maine, rather than Massachusetts.

The price of gas, though, is just as high. Some things don't change.

I filled the birdbath just after I took this picture! It's hot for the birds, too. A wild turkey strutted across the lawn yesterday, looking disgruntled.
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