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Re-visiting an island

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on Thursday, 12 June 2008 in Uncategorized

I couldn't get a very good scan, unfortunate]y, of this new paperback book cover for MESSENGER; it goes with the two previous in the trilogy, in their adult versions...by which I mean intended to be in the adult, vs. the young-adult, sections of bookstores.  I like these covers; the first is green, the second blue, and this third one is brownish red...(it appears much redder in this scan)... each of them with two artfully-posed hands. I think they're quite evocative.

Messenger aperback  Tomorrow morning I leave for New York, and on Saturday I will be speaking informally on Governors Island, down off the lower tip of Manhattan...the island where I lived when I was 15, 16, and 17. In those days the island was occupied by the US Army; now the buildings remain, some of them quite historic; but the island itself has been given back to the city of New York and will become a park. Tour groups are beginning to be allowed over there, and I'll just be describing what it was like to grow up on such an amazing piece of real estate.

It will be fascinating to see my big old house, though I understand the houses, once elegant, are becoming quite derelict and will probably be torn down.  

My little brother Jon attended elementary school on the island but those of us past 8th grade had to go each morning by boat to Manhattan and from there make our ways to the various schools we attended.  Many kids went by a second boat to a public high school on Staten Island, some by subway uptown to private schools like Spence or Collegiate; and me by train to Brooklyn Heights to a private school for girls called Packer (which now has for many years also had male students)  Others of my island friends went to boarding schools. It was a wonderful place to live and I don't think I appreciated how lucky I was at the time.

In my memoir called "Looking Back" there is this photograph of me in a white dress, 17 years old, the day I graduated from Packer in 1954; it was taken on the lawn of the house on Governors Island.  I've not been back to the island since I went off to college that fall. My parents moved to Washington DC while I was a freshman at Brown.  June1954

Then for the next week, in New York,  I will be working with the cast and director and dramaturg for the stage production of "Gossamer"    You can go to the website for Oregon Childrens Theatre...www.octc.org.... and read about their plans for the play, or to http://www.firststage.org for the First Stage in Milwaukee, which will also produce Gossamer in the fall.

Red Sox at 6:05 tonight. Dinner in front of the TV, I think. 

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Carissa Monday, 29 November 1999

Ms. Lowry,
I just wanted to inform you that Gathering Blue received a good deal of praise from The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, region V. This included a group acting award, set and costume design, stage management, and props design.
Thanks for the foundation for a great new show.

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