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on Wednesday, 25 June 2008 in Uncategorized

Now that I am back from New York, the play is off and running and in the hands of the two directors, Stan Foote in Oregon and Jeff Frank in Milwaukee  This morning Jeff sent me sketches of set design and costumes..all of the behind-the-scenes, before-the-show stuff is so interesting!  The final readings in New York went smoothly and the audiences at the three performances had lots of comments. Me, I can see how it begins to come together and jumps off the page and into a whole other realm.  I'll see the final version in its opening in Milwaukee September 19th, and then...different version...in Portland in late October.

Back here in Maine, I am working on a book manuscript, and it's amusing to see how I now begin to picture the characters and setting on the stage since I have been so consumed for the past ten days by that genre. I was writing this morning a scene set during a storm and I began to think about sound effects and how they would, backstage, produce the wind and rain sounds. When I described, on the page, a drenched silk dress, I started worrying about the costumes and how they would deal with soaking a dress each performance... Gotta stop thinking that way!

This evening I will go to a party down the road, for people who have donated to the little town library. Little, but lively and wonderful, and such a vital resource for the people of this small town year-round, not just us summer folk!  Here it is, in all its splendor!Copy_of_fallext01

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anne Monday, 29 November 1999

I remember Christmas mornings at my grandparents in Groton, Massachusetts. We'd open stockings at Mimi's bedside, have a good breakfast, then walk down to the Groton School chapel where other neighbors and the school chaplain gathered for the morning service. Later the cousins arrived for a grand roast beef dinner (with Christmas "crackers" and silly tissue hats, as we still enjoy), and in the afternoon we walked back to the school to enjoy skating on the rink. In several years of the family portraits, I am wearing a pretty smocked dress with my corduroys underneath, as I refused to take the pants off for the picture. I'm sure my mother and grandmother weren't pleased, but I don't remember anyone being upset with me. My favorite gifts were large boxes of fresh crayons and, as I got older, various crafting sets. The memories are untainted, even if each and every year may not have been.

Betty Birney Monday, 29 November 1999

I loved recalling those simple, quiet Christmases (with gifts like the hula hoop - endless hours of fun for mere change). But leggings! I could cry thinking of them. I did cry when I had to wear them. They were ugly and humiliating and I fought them tooth and nail. But we only wore skirts to school and bare legs were unthinkable. Tights would have been a godsend, or jeans. I can't believe how intensely I can feel my dislike for them right now, and my resentment that boys didn't have to endure such indignities. Thanks for reminding me - I think! And Merry Christmas!

Susan Monday, 29 November 1999

What memories... I LOVED Marguerite deAngeli books, especially Thee Hannah, hated leggings and also grew up in Pennsylvania.

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